Think you know your colours?

Back in the day, many Colour Consultants categorised their clients by seasons – either Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. However, not everyone’s colouring fits exactly into one of just these four categories. As a result, colour wallets of clients who have been seasonally analysed might include some colours which just do not suit them and some of their “WOW” colours might also be missing. But the world of colour-analysis has moved on!

As a Colourmebeautiful trained Consultant, I use their recently updated six-themed system which takes into account the idea that as well as suiting different shades, people need varying levels of brightness, or contrast, to look their best. As a result, the number of possible colour palettes is significantly increased and more individually tailored. So by choosing me as your Colour Consultant, you can be confident that your colour wallet will include the full range of colours that are perfect for you – the Colours4you!

Just wanted to say thank you to Sarah for a lovely afternoon explaining & showing me which colours work best for me. This really is something every one of us needs to look & feel better about ourselves. You even get a personalised colour wallet with your colours to keep! Looking forward to putting a new wardrobe together!


Lisa Knight

Thoroughly enjoyed a girlie day with 3 friends having our colours and make up done by Sarah – such a great day which taught you so much about what colours suit you best as well as giving you confidence when shopping and choosing that right outfit! We also had the make up session which was fab too, all very natural and very reasonably priced. A really great day which I would recommend to others wanting to do something different and learn so much more about how to enhance their look and wardrobe!!


Dawn Buchanan-hole

I spent a lovely morning with Sarah. It was very interesting and informative,as she showed me the colours that suited me, some surprises,and what make up to use.I would recommend going and hope I can now shop with these colours in mind and not buy ‘because I like it’,and look at my wardrobe and think ‘what do I wear’,when it’s full of clothes.
Thank you Sarah,very enjoyable.


Sandra Prior

Just wanted to say thank you to Sarah, what a lovely morning having our colours done, very interesting and an eye opener to a whole range of new colours yet to be worn with confidence. A mahoosive thank you to Glenda Morgan, my buddy!! Looking forward to the new us!!!


Kaz Critchley

3 friends and I went to Sarah for a lovely girlie day, learning what colours, to be worn, suited us best . As my son is getting married this year it was great to shop for an outfit with more confidence. Sarah is a kind and enthustiac lady, do give it a go, its well worth it.


Karen Hilder

Many thanks Sarah for transforming me yesterday for Sophie’s wedding. The make up looked great for the whole day. I was very impressed. xx


Tracy Hoad

Absolutely loved it! So glad I went, saved me loads on money for my wardrobe and I’d wear colours now that I thought I’d never wear! Loving my colours I have now! Thank you very much and would definitley recommend


Claire Overfield

So glad I had this done. Thoroughly enjoyed my time with Sarah who was enthusiastic, professional and knowledgeable. I have since sorted my wardrobe and none of the items I discarded were on my colour chart, proving that there was a reason I didn’t wear them!
I will definitely shop with more confidence and will always have my colour chart to hand to refer to. Having the makeup and jewellery element too has really helped to find what suits me,. A real investment, time and money saved!


Hayley K Bates