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Your colour analysis consultation

During this consultation we will access your individual colouring and choose a palate that is personal to your skin, hair and eye tones. We will focus on finding not just what your best colours are, but how you wear them and the availability of these colours in the shops.

  • You will be asked to remove your make-up, so that I can see your natural skin-tone. (Bring along your make-up bag and we can work with your own products or select from the Colourmebeautiful range).
  • Drapes are placed around your neck so that the colours reflect onto your face.
  • Will establish whether your complexion is ‘Warm’ or ‘Cool’. You will then find out which palette of colours suits you.
  • Once you know which palette of colours you can wear, we will then find your “WOW” colours.
  • You will be given a demonstration of make-up and jewellery so you understand how to complete your new look.

Duration: 2-2 half hours

Price: From £150.00

Includes: Wallet containing 42 swatches for you to take with you on all future shopping trips.


Duration: 2 hours

Price From £135 includes personal colour wallet but without make-up.


Duration: 3 hours

Price : From £165.00

Includes: wallet containing 48 swatches for you to take with you on all future shopping trips.

Dominant colour analysis

If you have just over an hour to spare and you want to get going with the more condensed dominant colour wallet, this is the one for you.

Duration: 1 hour

Price: From £115.00

Includes: Wallet containing 30 swatches

At a wedding everyone wants to dress up and look their best, whether you are the bride, groom, mother of the bride or simply a guest.

Colour analysis for bridesmaids

You will want on your Wedding Day to be surrounded by colour that makes you look glowing and radiant but you may also want to check that your chosen colours also flatter your bridesmaids so that there are no big ‘clashes’ of colour on your wedding photographs.

In a group Colour Analysis for your bridesmaids we can discuss colour combinations. If you have more than one bridesmaid, the choice can be more challenging.One might be a redhead, another a blonde and another a dark haired. What is going to suit them all?

It is actually possible to choose a colour that works well for all of your bridesmaids. In the Colour me beautiful colour system there are shades that will suit everyone whatever their colouring.

Each bridesmaid we will get to try out make-up shades suitable for the day.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: From £115 per bridesmaid

Includes: Colour swatch wallet containing 30 colours

Colours for mother of the bride (or groom)

This is of course your mum’s day to shine too. Knowing she looks wonderful and feels confident in her wedding outfit is a gift you could give to her.

Make-up lesson and a Colour Analysis would show her the best colours to suit her colouring, this is achieved by looking at her hair colouring, eye colour and skin tone.

Not only will the tips help her find various colours to make her look radiant on your Wedding Day but the information given can be applied to her everyday wardrobe as well.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: From £150.00

Includes: 42 Colour Swatch Wallet

Make-up Lessons

Not wearing any make-up at all because you don’t feel confident applying it?

My individual make-up lessons will give you a new confidence and will ensure that you look younger and healthier.

All the cosmetics I apply are products either from Colour me Beautiful or items that I love. (There are no harmful ingredients in any of their products).

This session is about making the most of you.

My Make-up lesson will show you:

  • How to care for your skin
  • Make-up shades that will suit you naturally and enhance your best features
  • A quick and simple make-up routine for daywear
  • How to adapt your make-up look for the evening
  • Application tips for a long-lasting look

Duration: 1 hour

Price: From £60.00

Teenage package (13 – 17 Years)
Most teenagers are unhappy about their appearance or the way they dress. Sometimes they lack the skill to put together an outfit or pick the right colours. They end up spending lots of money on clothing that they never wear.

My unique lessons for teenagers include:

  • Learn your best colour shades for clothing and accessories
  • Learn how to Mix and Match colours
  • Skin care regimes
  • Learn best shades for Make-up products
  • Receive tips and guidance on how best to apply your make-up to enhance your best features.

This package is perfect for teen parties, birthday treats or simply an excuse to get a group of your friends together. Great way to have some fun and pamper yourselves.

Duration: 2 Hours

Price : From £145.00 which includes 42 Colour Swatch Wallet to take on all shopping trips.

Parties/Workshop for the girls
Parties are a great way to get some friends together as well as being a relatively inexpensive way of having the Colours4you experience.

You can choose whether you want your party to focus on Colour or Make-up.

These fun interactive sessions are the perfect opportunity to get together with a group of friends, hen nights, birthdays, or a treat for busy mums with a difference.

Colour Party

4 – 6 ladies and will take place at my studio or at your home

  • Find out your Dominant colouring type
  • Understand the colours you should be wearing and why
  • Discover and try your perfect lipstick shade

If you like the experience, you can always trade up to a full colour consultation later.

Price: from £50 per person (without wallet) includes tea, coffee and nibbles

(Colour wallets can be purchased if you so wish)

Duration : from 2 1/2 hours (dependant on numbers)


4 – 6 ladies and will take place at my studio or at your home

  • Discover how to apply make-up using shades that will make you look healthy and vibrant.
  • Find out how to go from day time make-up to an evening look with ease, using the Colour Me Beautiful make-up which is used.

Price : from £50 per person includes tea, coffee and nibbles

Duration : 2 1/2 hours (dependant on numbers)

A deposit of 50% will be required at least 7 days prior to appointment